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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - HCC courtesy call

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Prof. Tervor Hassell and Maisha Hutton of the HCCProfessor Trevor Hassell, President of the HCC and Maisha Hutton, Manager, pay a courtesy call on James Hill, Advisor External Relations, Resource Mobilisations and Partnerships, PAHO, while in Washington DC 5-7 February 2013, for the Pan American Forum for Action on NCD meeting "Women's Cancer Intitiative: A joint commitment to save lives.

During the meeting HCC discussed activities to date under the Official Relations joint mandate, presented in the 'HCC Progress Report on collaborative work between Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) and PAHO/WHO'. Mr. Hill shared the recent publication "Financing Global Health: End of a Golden Era?", Chris Murray, Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington and stressed the increasing need for civil society to shift towards non-traditional sources of health financing.

He further underscored PAHOs continued focus on greater engagement and inclusion of civil society and the centrality of the HCC collaboration in this regard