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Healthy Caribbean Coalition - Barbados upgrades its role in the fight against Cancer

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Barbados has scaled up its efforts by joining the global fight against cancer through the establishment of the Barbados National Registry for Cancer (BNR-Cancer). This population-based registry started in 2009 and collects cancer data on the prevalence and outcomes of malignant disease. This registry is one arm of the tripartite Barbados National Registry for Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, a Ministry of Health-led initiative, for the surveillance of Cancer, Stroke and Acute Myocardial Infarction nationally. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are now the leading causes of ill health and death globally and Barbados is similarly affected.

Working Together

The data provided by the BNR-Cancer will allow the comprehensive documentation of cancer in the Barbadian population for the first time, and also allow evaluation of treatment outcomes, necessary for the implementation of evidence-based programmes, policies and standards of care. Since its inception, the BNR-Cancer has been collecting retrospective data on breast and prostate cancers, the principal malignancies in the population. The scope of data collection will progressively increase to encompass all cancers.

The Registry has also embarked on health promotion and education through public seminars and continuing medical education workshops, with the aim of promoting clinical best practice standards among care providers.

As World Cancer Day scheduled for February 4, 2012, approaches, we are mindful of the multifaceted approach necessary to prevent, treat and cure cancer. We in Barbados will continue to do our part as we join the international brotherhood working to reduce the burden of cancer in our communities.

For more information about the Barbados National Registry please visit our website http://www.bnr.org.bb  or contact the hotline +246 256 4267.