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October 24 - October 31

Healthy Caribbean Weekly News Roundup
Healthy Caribbean Coalition



CARIBAPAN Webinar - Tuesday November 11th 2014, 10 - 11am EST

Registration for the forthcoming CARIBAPAN Webinar - Gaps in Current Regional Alcohol Policy an the Desire for Change - Opportunities for Civil Society Organizations is now open. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Rohan Maharaj, HCC Technical Advisor on Alcohol Policy, Senior Lecturer in Family Medicine and a Fellow of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians

Dr. Rohan Maharaj

Dr. Rohan MaharajDr. Rohan Maharaj is a Senior Lecturer in Family Medicine and a Fellow of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians. He coordinates the postgraduate program in Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, St. Augustine, which has trained over 100 family physicians. His main research interest has been mental health and chronic disease in the Caribbean primary care population. This work has lead to over 40 journal articles, many of which were summarized in the 2009 book 'Psychosocial Issues In West Indian Primary Health Care'. He is currently active in clinical practice, an editor with the Caribbean Medical Journal, and is also the principal investigator (Trinidad site) on the Eastern Caribbean Health Outcomes Research Network (ECHORN) which is a 5 year cohort study in collaboration with Yale University.

As an extension of his interest in mental health and chronic disease, Dr. Maharaj has been working since 2012-14 on alcohol issues in Trinidad and Tobago and with the Healthy Caribbean Coalition on alcohol policy in the English-speaking Caribbean. Dr. Maharaj is the HCC's Technical Advisor on Alcohol Policy.

Register here

News Roundup

The 9th Caribbean Conference on National Health Financing Initiatives

The 9th Caribbean Conference on National Health Financing Initiatives

The HEU, Centre for Health Economics, in collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) and the Caribbean Regional Public Health Agency (CARPHA) will host the 9th Caribbean Conference on National Health Financing Initiatives on November 4th to 6th 2014 at Magdalena Grand Hotel in Tobago. Read more

The Global Asthma Report 2014

The Global Asthma Report 2014 - Asthma is an important NCD in all regions of the world, affecting people in non-affluent as well as affluent countries. The Global Asthma Report 2014 includes strategic and practical recommendations and valuable information for governments, health organisations, health professionals, and people with asthma. Read more

Cancer Support Services facilitate PET scan in the USACancer Support Services facilitate PET scan in the USA - Cancer Support Services recently embarked on facilitating two of our Victorious Ladies to travel to Miami to have PET Scans done with the kind sponsorship from the Paloma Charitable Trust. The Paloma Charitable Trust (PCT) is a private Barbadian Charitable Foundation which was formed in 2007. Over the past 6 years PCT has made donations to over 40 different charities in Barbados which Cancer Support Services is pleased to be one of the recipients.

This project is an ongoing project which Cancer Support Services intends to continue, to assist our clients where possible to have this test done. A special thank you to 21st Century Oncology & the Paloma Charitable Trust for making this initiative a reality.

Plan of Action for the Prevention of Obesity in Children and Adolescents

PAHO - Plan of Action for the Prevention of Obesity in Children and Adolescents

Obesity among children and adolescents has reached epidemic proportions in the Americas. Even if the causes of this epidemic are complex and more research is needed, much is known about the consequences and actions that must be undertaken to halt it. Over the past decade, many countries in the Region, have been putting some of those actions into place and it is now time for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to take the leadership role by unifying these efforts and supporting Member States by launching a regional public health initiative. Read more

World Health Summit 2014: did it deliver?

World Health Summit 2014: did it deliver?

Following a regional meeting in Sao Paolo in April, the World Health Summit returned to Berlin for its 6th year. From 19th-22nd October, around 1000 people from across academia, government, civil society and industry gathered in the beautiful surroundings of the German Federal Foreign office for a meeting focused on 4 key areas: Education and Leadership, Research and Innovation, Evidence to Policy and Global Health for Development. Earlier this year Richard Horton reflected on the question ‘What is the World Health Summit For?’; in light of this, we consider whether the summit can be said to have ‘delivered’?. Read more.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructors & Providers CourseERC BLS Instructors & Providers Course

On the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th of November 2014 from 8 AM to 1 PM the Curacao Heart Foundation is hosting a EUROPEAN RESCUSITATION COUNCIL (ERC) Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructors & Providers Course. Read more.

World Diabetes Day 14 November 2014

NCD Alliance E-Alert, news from the NCD Alliance

The ambulance drone that could save your life

The ambulance drone that could save your lifeFlying defibrillator can reach speeds of 60mph - A Dutch student has revealed a prototype 'ambulance drone', a flying defibrillator able to reach heart attack victims within precious life-saving minutes.Developed by engineering graduate Alec Momont, it can fly at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour (60 miles per hour). Painted in emergency services yellow and driven by six propellers, the drone can carry a four kilogramme load - in this case a defibrillator. Read more

Milk might not be as good for us as we thought, study suggests

Drinking milk may not protect our bones from fractures - and could even increase a person’s risk of dying from heart disease, according to a major new study in Sweden. In surprising results, an investigation into dietary habits of more than 100,000 people found those who drank more milk were no less likely to break a bone. Among women, higher milk consumption was actually linked to an increased risk of hip fractures. Read more

How many calories are in YOUR favourite drink?How many calories are in YOUR favourite drink? Study reveals most of us have no idea, amid calls for alcohol to be labelled like food

The survey of 2,000 adults was carried out for the Royal Society for Public Health.It found that three-quarters of the public did not know - or wrongly guessed - the calories in a large glass of wine. This is despite the fact that adults who drink get approximately 10 per cent of their calories from alcohol. People presented with calorie information consumed on average 400 calories less than those unaware of the calorie content of their drinks, the researchers found. The RSPH is now calling on the drinks industry and newly appointed EU Health Commissioner to introduce calorie labelling for alcoholic drinks. Read more

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