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November 20 - November 26 2013

Healthy Caribbean Weekly News Roundup
Healthy Caribbean Coalition

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Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action. Advocating for Policies and Action

Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action.  Advocating for Policies and Action

Sir George Alleyne The November 22nd, 2013 regional meeting held in Trinidad was a great success with over 60 delegates from 14 Caribbean countries, representing a wide cross section of disciplines including health NGOs, government, private sector, trade unions, women's groups, the media, international organisations, service clubs, faith based organisations and medical associations. The meeting was a demonstration of the HCC's ongoing commitment to the principles of partnership and collaboration, truly reflecting a 'whole of society approach' to NCDs. In addition to HCC Patron and International NCD expert Sir George Alleyne, key players from across the region including CARPHA, PAHO, CARICOM and UWI, came together in support of a multi-stakeholder approach to NCD prevention and control in the Caribbean.

HCC members demonstrated the power of civil society in driving change by sharing experiences such as the passing of anti-tobacco legislation in Jamaica, the establishment of low cost community based interventions to reduce the incidence of diabetes related amputations across the Caribbean, and private sector partnerships to support national HPV vaccination programmes and school meal policies in the Cayman Islands. The critical importance of private sector partnerships was underscored by Mr. Ed Clarke, Chief Operating Officer of Sagicor Life Inc. a major supporter of the HCC, who noted that 'The role of advocacy is vital in our fight against the NCD epidemic...' and '...as a regional insurance company we see the effects of NCDs on a daily basis and this makes us even more determined to support the fight.'

Ms.Ariella Rojhani Advocacy Manager NCD Alliance The meeting was a great success as key objectives were achieved and the HCC now looks ahead to the next phase of the NCD Alliance project. We would like to thank our members and our partners for their tremendous commitment to the HCC.

A special thank you to our partners, PAHO & CARPHA for their support of this meeting and their ongoing support. Thank you to our funders, the NCD Alliance and Medtronic Philanthropy.

Look out for news around this project here on the roundup over the coming weeks and months.

HCC and Sagicor Launch Advocacy Handbooks

Sir George Alleyne and Ed Clarke HCC and Sagicor with the help of Sir George Alleyne took the opportunity to launch two digital recources at the recent Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action. Advocating for Policies and Action meeting in Trinidad.

The Caribbean Civil Society Cervical Cancer Advocacy Handbook and Planning Tool, is a practical tool for the design & implementation of community based cervical cancer advocacy initiatives. This tool is aimed at Caribbean Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and represents a significant resource with respect to NCD related advocacy in the Caribbean.

HCC and Sagicor Launch Advocacy Handbooks Connecting Communicating Collaborating, HCC Social Media 'How to" Guide. This tool is aimed at Caribbean Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and represents a significant resource with respect to CSO, NCD related eHealth and social media in the Caribbean.

Both resources are available to download here

Healthy Caribbean Coalition

News Roundup

ACS Meet the Targets Grant Progress Report Highlights HCC Cervical Cancer Advocacy Successes

ACS Meet the Targets Grant Progress Report Highlights HCC The American Cancer Society released the Meet the Targets: Encouraging Country-level Action to Make Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases a Global Priority progress report at the NCDs AORTIC on November 21, 2013. The report highlights the successes of nine grantees - NCD action-makers spanning the globe from Brazil to Jordan, Mexico to Ethiopia, India to the Philippines, and the Caribbean. The HCC was proud to be featured in this document and thank our members for their dedication to NCD advocacy, your stories have enriched the cervical cancer campaign immeasurably. The experiences of the grantees are impressive and inspiring and address a wide cross section of pressing NCD issues including tobacco control, integration, prioritisation, access and palliative care.
Click here to read the report

Multi-sector approach to combat Non-Communicable Diseases - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday 23rd November. In order to combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD), Sir George Alleyne, patron of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, insists that the public sector, the private sector and civil society must work together to lobby for a healthier Caribbean. Alleyne addressed the Caribbean Public Health Agency’s (CARPHA’s) meeting on NCDs at Kapok Hotel, St Ann’s, yesterday. . Read more

Advocacy what it means to you What Advocacy Means to You

We at the HCC asked you what Advocacy meant to you, and you have responded! THANK YOU.

We have compiled a short video entitled 'HCC Perspectives on NCD Advocacy'

Click here to see what YOU said

Jamaica - Carreras is asking the Court To Quash Key Aspects Of Smoking Regulations - This is an update on the court action brought by Carreras Ltd and BAT for the Minister of Health in Jamaica. The HCC has been informed by HFJ/JCTC that Carreras states that the Minister of Health acted ultra vires (beyond his purpose or powers) when he promulgated the tobacco control regulation. The Ministry of Health and the Attorney General’s office are working on a response to this court action. The HFJ and JCTC have stated that they will be continuing to support the MOH as they fight the underhand tactics of the tobacco industry. The HCC encourages member organisations and all to support Jamaica and the Caribbean to improve the health of the people in this region by making the Caribbean Tobacco-free. Click here additional details or contact the JCTC at jctc@heartfoundationja.org.

Cancer vaccine - In a matter of weeks all 11-year-old schoolgirls in Barbados will receive their first dose of a vaccine intended to protect them from cervical cancer by the time they become sexually active. Within recent weeks secondary school principals across the island were officially informed that on the first Friday of the next school term all first form girls will have the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine administered at school under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Read more. For related articles please click here

Montserrat’s Minister of Health is the new Chairman of CARPHA’s Board - The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is pleased to announce the appointment of the Honourable Colin Riley, Minister of Health of Montserrat, as the new Chairman of its Executive Board of Directors. Minister Riley expressed his great pleasure at being given a turn to make a contribution to strengthening and adapting the Region’s health systems. Read more

Visit the CARPHA website for regular updates on the activities of the Caribbean Public Health Agency www.carpha.org

World Diabetes Congress Melbourne

The World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne Australia draws near - The next World Diabetes Congress will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia from 2 to 6 December 2013. Find out everything you need to know about the Conrgess here

Jamaican Ministry of Health is the first to adopt free and open source health system nationwide - If yu waa good, yu nose affi run. "Success requires hard work" is the meaning of this Jamaican proverb. With a bright Caribbean sun and an even brighter welcoming crew, GNU Health unshipped in a new bay recently. In cooperation with the Jamaican Ministry of Health, a group from GNU Solidario visited the country and officially inaugurated the project of deploying GNU Health, a free health and hospital information system, within their public health care system. Read more

Diabetes mellitus in Jamaica: sex differences in burden, risk factors, awareness, treatment and control in a developing country - A recent study in Jamaica has just been published in the Tropical Medicine and International Health Journal. The objective of this study was to provide valid estimates of the burden of and risk factors for diabetes mellitus by sex in Jamaica, a predominantly Black, middle-income and developing country. Read more

Chicago to Crackdown on e-Cigarettes, Flavored Tobacco Products - New proposals aim to reduce number of youth smokers. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing an ordinance that would regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products and prohibit the sale of menthol-flavored cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of schools in the city. The proposed changes will be introduced during the City Council meeting on Tuesday. Read more

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