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March 15th 2013

Healthy Caribbean Weekly News Roundup
Healthy Caribbean Coalition

HCC Member Feature

The Jamaica Cancer Society – Helping To Reduce the Burden of Cancer in Jamaica

The Jamaica Cancer Society

Each year the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) earmarks the month of April as Cancer Awareness Month, and during this time the Society takes the opportunity to further increase the level of awareness among Jamaicans at home and abroad about cancer and the options that exist for early detection as a means of fighting cancer and reducing the burden on our country. During 2013, our goal is to increase the number of persons tested both at the JCS offices as well as at our mobile clinics which are held across the island; and we intend to achieve this through partnerships with the Government and medical professionals. We also intend to increase the level of awareness through public meetings and campaigns, and to work with media partners to get the message out that it is possible to have a successful fight against cancer through testing, early detection and treatment.

Cervical Cancer continues to be the second commonest cancer in Jamaican women. The Jamaica Cancer Society is committed to continuous public education on this type of cancer and on April 21st, will be hosting its annual Cervical Cancer Public Forum which will have several speakers from the medical fraternity in Jamaica sharing on the latest development in Cervical Cancer screening and treatment. JCS will also be publishing a Cancer Awareness Supplement in both local newspaper, which will have several articles on Cervical Cancer and stories from Cervical Cancer survivors, coupled with several radio and television interviews. - Yulit Gordon, Executive Director.

Healthy Caribbean Coalition

News Roundup

HCC Press-Release - Regional Collaboration to Fight Cancer - 14th March 2013 - The Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) in partnership with the Sint. Maarten Ministry of Public Health Social Development And Labour - Collective Prevention Services, will be conducting the first regional Civil Society Cervical Cancer Advocacy Capacity Building Workshop at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort & Casino in St. Maarten on March 21st and 22nd 2013 for members of various Caribbean Cancer Societies and Foundations. This workshop was made possible through the generous support of our partners: American Cancer Society, Health Action Partnership International (UK) and National Heart Fund (UK) Read more

The NCD Alliance will be hosting two webinars via the internet on Thursday, March 21st

  • An update on the Global NCD Framework Campaign, including discussion on outcomes from the WHO consultations on the draft Global NCD Action Plan
  • An update on the Global Development Campaign, including discussion on outcomes from the UN High-Level Dialogue on Health in the Post- 2015 Framework in Botswanan
  • Looking ahead to the World Health Assembly in May 2013

You will be able to send in questions and feedback during the webinar. In addition, we invite our members to submit questions prior to the 21 March by emailing info@ncdalliance.org. You can choose to join either: 10:00-11:30 CET (Geneva Time): Click here to register or 16:00-17:30 CET// 11:00-12:30 EST: Click here to register

CASH - New research exposes the salt hidden in restaurant meals as national charities urge chefs to use less salt - 11th march 2013, Customers find meals ‘too salty’, salt puts their health at risk. For the first time, research by Consensus Action on Salt and Health [CASH] reveals the shockingly high levels of salt in food purchased in restaurants up and down the country for National Salt Awareness Week 2013 [11th – 17th March]. The survey looked at 664 main meals from 29 popular high street and celebrity restaurants, fast food and cafes chains (**Please see Statement from CASH on Jamie Oliver** (PDF)). The survey found that 347 meals had more than 2.4g of salt per portion – that’s 52% of all meals surveyed that would be labelled in a supermarket with a red traffic light Read more

WHO Guidance Note: Comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control - a healthier future for girls and women
Comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control - a healthier future for girls and women This WHO Guidance Note advocates for a comprehensive approach to cervical cancer prevention and control and is aimed at senior policy makers and programme managers. It describes the need to deliver effective interventions across the female life course from childhood through to adulthood. These include community education, social mobilization, HPV vaccination, screening, treatment and palliative care. It outlines the complementary strategies for comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control, and highlights collaboration across national health programmes (particularly immunization, reproductive health, cancer control and adolescent health), organizations and partners. Read more

PAFNCDs - NCD Connect A newsletter of the Pan American Forum for Action on NCDs - Dear PAFNCD Partners, As we approach the first quarter of 2013, we are glad to share good news with you. As you might recall, it has been almost six months since our first Salt Smart Consortium meeting last August, which the participation of key public, private, academia and civil society representatives. Immediately after, we started to work with all partners to develop an action plan for this initiative. We are pleased to announce that by the end of March it should be completed and ready to begin its implementation. Read more

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