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November 28 - December 5

Healthy Caribbean Weekly News Roundup
Healthy Caribbean Coalition


HCC Director Laura Tucker Longsworth at the World Cancer Congress

HCC Director Laura Tucker Longsworth, was part of a session at the NCD Café during the World Cancer Conference in Melbourne, Australia. She spoke about the experiences of forming the Caribbean NCD Alliance, the HCC. The session was entitled - Strengthening the NCD civil society movement other speakers included Katie Dain, Executive Director of the NCD Alliance, Rohan Greenland (National Heart Foundation of Australia & Asia-Pacific Heart Network) and Constance Kekihembo (Uganda NCD Alliance).

the NCD Café during the World Cancer ConferenceThe NCD Café sessions began on Wednesday with a packed out discussion on health in post 2015, and the essential need to invest in NCDs in order to secure a healthy future for all. The NCD Café has seen a dynamic discussion led by WHO and NGO representatives on the need for a multisectoral approach in order to effectively tackle NCDs, and the urgency yet necessary thoughtful consideration of implementing such an approach.

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News Roundup

Heartbeat International of T&T has become the most active Heart Centre of all the 11 Heart Centres Worldwide that are operated by HBI

 Christine BocusHeartbeat Internationalhas been saving lives for 30 years and on Nov 8 2014 one of their pacemaker recipients – Ms Christine Bocus from T&T was specially invited to share her experience with the HBI family internationally. Christine Bocus is 22 now and when she was 14, she often felt tired and dizzy. "Actually I just wanted to sleep, sleepiness, tiredness," Christine said. Her family took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with a heart condition. That's when Heartbeat International came to the rescue. "They decided to implant a pacemaker to help," Christine said. Heartbeat International provides pacemakers to poor countries where people don't have health insurance. Their mission is now 30 years old and has helped more than 14,000 people.Read more

NCDs in LMICs: A global health crisis, says Council of Foreign Relations report

NCDs in LMICs: A global health crisis The Emerging Global Health Crisis: NCDs in Low and Middle-Income Countries report has just been released by the Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force on NCDs in Washington, DC. Once thought to be challenges for affluent countries alone, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and other NCDs are now the leading cause of death and disability in developing countries. In 2013, these diseases killed eight million people before their sixtieth birthdays in these countries, the report highlights. Read more

CARPHA Hosts Mortality Coding and Underlying Cause-of-Death Training Workshop

CARPHA Hosts Mortality Coding and Underlying Cause-of-Death Training WorkshopCARPHA recently concluded a specialized five-day training workshop on the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, version 10 (ICD-10) and Underlying Cause-of-Death Selection in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago for first time mortality coders. The training workshop was held from November 17-22, 2014. The purpose of the ICD-10 is to promote international comparability in the collection, classification, processing and presentation of health statistics. Read more

Heartbeat International of T&T Pacemaker Implant Run - HBITT completed their successful 2nd Pacemaker Implant Run, despite the challenges and limitations 24 Implants were completed by 3pm today Friday 28 Nov 2014. Special Congratulations to implanters Dr. Penco and Dr. Ramphall who were present every day, also Dr. F. Ali who worked half days when a full day was not possible. The dedication and commitment of the implanters to help the ailing men and women who benefited from your humanitarianism is well beyond commendable. The work of the EWMSC Cath Lab team throughout the run was also invaluable as was the hard work of Admin Assistant – Anela. The 3rd Pacemaker Run will take place December 15th - 19th.

From the NCD Alliance Weekly Digest

NCDs News

Risk Factor News

World's most overweight man World's most overweight man - Keith Martin dies aged 44 after long battle with obesity - The man believed to be the heaviest in the world has died in London aged just 44. Keith Martin, who appeared in Channel 5 documentary 70 Stone and Almost Dead, underwent drastic weight loss surgery last year to reduce the size of his stomach. The documentary followed his two-year battle to lose enough weight for the operation but after its apparent success he discharged himself from hospital early against doctors’ advice. Read more

Fox Chase-Temple Team Receives ACS Grant to Examine Racial Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer Patients - A team of Temple researchers led by Fox Chase epidemiologist Camille Ragin, MPH, PhD, has received a grant of more than $1.7 million from the American Cancer Society (ACS) to examine how genetics and the environment interact to influence racial disparities in patients with head and neck cancer. A founding member of the African-Caribbean Cancer Consortium (AC3), since 2006 Ragin has investigated the prevalence and outcomes of cancer for different racial groups in the United States and abroad. At December’s American Association for Cancer Research Cancer Health Disparities Conference, she presented the first research ever conducted on head and neck cancer trends in a Caribbean nation, Trinidad and Tobago. Read more.

Foetal alcohol syndromeFoetal alcohol syndrome case dismissed by Court of Appeal
A child born with foetal alcohol syndrome is not legally entitled to compensation after her mother drank excessively while pregnant, the Court of Appeal has ruled. The seven-year-old girl was born with severe brain damage and is now in care. Lawyers argued her mother had poisoned her foetus but appeal judges ruled she had not committed a criminal offence.
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Less than a week to go to the first-ever Universal Health Coverage Day

GET THE TOOLKIT: Visit UniversalHealthCoverageDay.org to download our first Communications & Advocacy Toolkit! Inside you’ll find key messages and 12 ways to build momentum for 12.12.14.

  • Show your solidarity.
  • Formally declare your support.
  • Make #healthforall trend.
  • Invite your networks to join the movement.
  • Link health for all to the issues you care about.
  • Support #healthforall in our virtual photo booth here.
  • Show the human side of UHC.
  • Promote powerful quotes about UHC.
  • Time important announcements to 12 December.
  • Talk to media.
  • Talk to policymakers.
  • Spearhead an event.

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Universal Health Coverage Day

NCD Alliance E-Alert, news from the NCD Alliance

NCD Alliance Webinar Wednesday 17th December - The NCD Alliance will be holding our next webinar on Wednesday 17th December at 10:00 – 11:30 am EST/16:00 – 17:30 CET. Please note that there will be only one webinar broadcast. The powerpoint slides and recording will be made available on the NCD Alliance website after the webinar. the webinar will be discussing:

  • Updates on the Global Coordination Mechanism (GCM)
  • Outcomes from the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)
  • Outcomes from the World Cancer Congress
  • UNICEF Facts for Life Chapter consultation process
  • Looking ahead to 2015

In addition participants can to submit questions prior to the webinar by emailing us at info@ncdalliance.org by 15th December. Participants will also be able to send questions and feedback during the webinar. Register here

NCD Articles on WebMD

  • Obesity Tied to Half a Million Cancers Worldwide - Largest number of obesity-related cancers diagnosed in North America and Europe, researchers report. Read more
  • What Are You Really Putting on Your Plate? - What's the worst way to fix turkey? What's the best choice for holiday pie? See if you're on target when it comes to the big holiday spread. Read more
  • Should You Be Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene? - Most of the more than 232,000 cases of breast cancer that will be diagnosed in the United States this year are not due to a faulty gene passed down through families. Read more
  • Celebrities Living With Diabetes - Get the lowdown on how stars like Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, and Patti LaBelle stay healthy and feel their best with diabetes. Read more

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