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August 14 - August 20 2013

Healthy Caribbean Weekly News Roundup
Healthy Caribbean Coalition

HCC Feature

The Anglican Church in the Caribbean pledges full support of HCC in the battle against NCDs starting with the endorsement of the Caribbean Cervical Cancer E-Petition.

His Grace, Archbishop of the West Indies, Dr. John Holder signing the End Cervical Cancer e-petition At the recent Anglican Congress 2013 attended by 137 delegates from the eight Dioceses in the Church in the Province of the West Indies held at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus from 10th to 19th August 2013, His Grace, Archbishop of the West Indies, Dr. John Holder reaffirmed the Church's commitment to fighting NCDs. The Archbishop stated that "It was extremely important that as a church we stand out and make our voices heard and to be on the right side of this health challenge we have in the Caribbean" and that the church was "committed to helping the HCC and governments to move the region away from the precipice of unhealthy living". This followed a lecture by Professor Hassell, President of the HCC, entitled Promoting (and living) Healthy Lifestyles in the Caribbean.

In a demonstration of the Church's commitment to NCDs, Archbishop Holder acknowledged that the Anglican Church fully supports the Caribbean Cervical Cancer E-Petition which asks Heads to Government to make Cervical Cancer screening accessible to all Caribbean women. He stated emphatically "I sign on behalf of every Anglican in this Province" and committed to ensuring that the petition was promoted heavily across the Caribbean through the Diocese.

The Anglican Church has been a longstanding member of the HCC through Archbishop Dr John Holder and one of the leading religious entities in the region as it relates to integrating healthy living. In a landmark event the Church adopted a Resolution on NCDS at the 38th Triennial Session of Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church, on the 15th November, 2013.

The HCC is acutely aware of the significant presence and power of religious organizations in the Caribbean and as such will continue working with these bodies across the region to encourage similar formal commitments to NCDs.

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Get to know HCC Members

Rhonda J. Smith-Simmons RN - Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre - Education Officer NAME - Rhonda J. Smith-Simmons RN

NGO - Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre - Education Officer

WHAT DO YOU DO AT YOUR ORG? - My role is very interesting and wide-ranging. I am responsible for delivering health education topics in corporate, non-corporate and school settings. I also assist with coordinating physician presentations and other outreach programmes for the general public and fulfill the role of chairperson for the Safety and Health Committee at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

On a monthly basis, I attend local radio (and occasionally television) interviews where I promote upcoming Centre events and discuss a cancer topic and/or other health issue of concern to the local community. In addition, I write health articles which are published in the local newspapers and represent the Centre at numerous Health Fairs throughout the year. Read more

Healthy Caribbean Coalition

News Roundup

HCC congratulates the Honourable Chris Sinckler MP - Minister of Finance, Barbados

the Honourable Chris Sinckler MP - Minister of Finance, Barbados Dear Minister ....... A short note to offer congratulations and strong support for your having increased the excise tax by 25% on tobacco products in the recent budget. Exposure to tobacco smoke is the most preventable cause of death from chronic diseases which as you know account for more than 6 out of every 10 deaths in Barbados. High cost of tobacco products has been shown unequivocally to be one of the most effective means of reducing exposure to tobacco smoke. High taxes and duties are called for in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Treaty signed by the Government of Barbados. The increase in excise tax represents a major public health initiative.

Decent Jobs important to healthy Caribbean - Joanne Defreitas, HCC Director and Co-ordinator UNI Americas Caribbean Support Center recently led a regional strategic planning meeting for UNI Caribbean affiliates in August 8-9 in Antigua. UNI's global strategy of "Breaking Through" and UNI Americas "beating the drum for workers rights" in the Americas has reached the Caribbean. Ms. Defreitas remarked that "Having a steady job with decent working conditions and health benefits contributes greatly to a person having the ability to take proper care of their health. While our situation here in the Caribbean is better than in the worst places for workers on the planet, we must certainly strive to do much, much better. Would you believe that right here in the Caribbean - Hundreds of Telecoms workers jobs have been lost this year and many more are currently under threat" Read more

SIDS Inter-regional preparatory meeting

SIDS Conference - Interregional Preparatory Meeting - The interregional meeting to prepare for the 2014 International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) will take place in Barbados next week from 26-28 August 2013. The Caribbean Community is collaborating with the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization and the NCD Alliance to host a side event to this meeting titled “Towards sustainable development of SIDS: addressing the threat of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)”. Read more

New tool to strengthen global collaboration against NCDs - The UK Health Forum (UKHF) launches a new online platform. A new platform "ncdlinks.org" was launched by UK Health Forum (UKHF) this week for public health advocates working to prevent NCDs. It is a unique new tool to strengthen global collaboration between professionals and advocates working in countries around the world through the exchange of information and expertise and networking between communities of action on topics including tobacco control, nutrition and physical activity. Including CARIBAPAN connecting civil society organisations and others in the Caribbean in alcohol advocacy and prevention. Read more

World Congress of Cardiology Scientific Sessions 2014

World Congress of Cardiology Scientific Sessions 2014 - The World Heart Federation World Congress of Cardiology 2014 (WCC 2014) taking place from 4-7 May 2014, Melbourne, Australia. Calling for abstract submissions, The online abstract submission service openwd on 1 August 2013. Submit your abstract before 15 September 2013. Read more

Groundbreaking study on childhood cancer - UICC endorses study from The International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium revealing new causes of childhood cancer. Leukemia is the most common childhood cancer (CC). Advances in diagnoses and treatment of such cancers have resulted in increases in survival rates, yet about 25% of affected children still die from the disease whilst the impact on survivors extends into adolescence and adulthood. Read more

Home HPV test a new weapon against cervical cancer - South Africa - Nearly 7,000 South African women get cervical cancer every year. Half the number of women affected will die, even though cervical cancer is treatable if it's detected early enough. Read more

2nd virtual course on NCDs for the Caribbean: “How to effectivelly address NCDs in 21st century“ - PAHO virtual campus - Aimed at NCD country managers and managers in related areas: Health promotion, NCD Epidemiology, diabetes, CVD or cancer program managers. We welcome participation of public, private sector and academy. Read more

CITA/Cancer Support Services Walk - Rain not a stopper - Despite the showers of blessings or maybe because of them, the Cancer Support Services and Christ Is The Answer Radio (CITA) were determined to complete their inaugural walk held August 10, 2013. Read more

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