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August 7 - August 13 2013

Healthy Caribbean Weekly News Roundup
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Heidi Walcott adds her support to the End Cervical Cancer Now - e-petition

Heidi Walcott adds her support to the End Cervical Cancer Now - e-petition Heidi Walcott Trinidad & Tobago model, actress, make up artist & photographer added her name to the End Cervical Cancer e-Petition.

The star of 'A Story About Wendy' also made a short video encouragiing others to join the cause and sign the e-petition.

See her video here

Despite her incredibly busy schedule Heidi still finds time to be a volunteer with the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society

To join the fight to increase Caribbean women's access to affordable cervical cancer screening here www.endcervicalcancernow.org

Healthy Caribbean Coalition

News Roundup

Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention - On 27 May 2013, a group of 30 international partners convened the Global Forum on Cervical Cancer Prevention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meeting aimed to accelerate the prevention of the disease worldwide by strengthening advocacy efforts, sharing best practices and increasing positive media coverage. Drawing nearly 300 participants from more than 50 countries, the forum was one of the largest cervical cancer advocacy meetings to date.

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Call for Universal Access to Cervical Cancer Prevention - Cervical cancer kills 275,000 women every year. If we don’t act now, this number will nearly double by 2030, with 98% of deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries. In many of these countries, cervical cancer is already the number one cancer killer of women, and yet it is almost entirely preventable. Read more

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica presents Simply Red Wine and Food Festival

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica presents Simply Red

Upcoming WHO Regional Committees - The annual WHO Regional Committee Meetings (RCM) will soon get underway. The Regional Committees will be an important forum for Member States to discuss how to adapt and tailor the pillars of the global NCD framework to suit regional priorities and capacity. Agenda items will include the recently agreed Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020 and the Global Monitoring Framework (including the nine global NCD targets), which were adopted at the 66th World Health Assembly in May. Read more

Bermuda National Tumour Registry Annual Report

Bermuda National Tumour Registry Annual Report With Statistical Data from 2012. The Bermuda National Tumour Registry is Bermuda’s first population-based, government supported cancer registration body.

The Registry began data collection in 1979. It underwent restructuring in 2004 and was re-launched in September 2008. We are focused on improving outcomes in cancer diagnosis, treatment, care and, ultimately, survival.

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Dogs trained to help sniff out ovarian cancer - (USA Today) Researchers have begun an ovarian cancer detection study that relies on dogs' keen sense of smell. The University of Pennsylvania's Working Dog Center is training three canines using blood and tissue samples donated by ovarian cancer patients. Read more

Latin American countries crack down on junk food - While several Latin American nations have introduced healthy food laws to try to combat childhood obesity, implementation has proved trickier. Barbara Fraser reports from Lima, Peru, excerpt from The Lancet Vol 382 August 3, 2013. Read more

New WHO Discussion Paper on NCD Action Plan Indicators - WHO has released a new discussion paper on the “Development of a limited set of NCD action plan indicators”. Read more

CARPHA Pulse - News from the Caribbean Public Health Agency

CARPHA Strengthens Relations with Neighbouring Community

CARPHA Strengthens Relations with Neighbouring Community The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) engaged its neighbouring community in talks prior to the Installation of a Portable BSL-3 Laboratory on its compound. Although the public consultations were required by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) for the processing of CARPHA’s application for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC), the Agency was pleased to use the opportunity to build relations with the residents of Ellerslie and Federation Parks. Read more

CARPHA Executive Director Positions the Agency to Survive and Thrive - Executive Director, CARPHA, Dr. C. James Hospedales " walks the talk" as he seeks to position CARPHA to " survive and thrive." In a bid to ensure that the CARPHA brand gains recognition, not just within the Region, but also on a global stage, Dr. Hospedales has continued to build strategic relationships through courtesy calls and foreign visits. Read more

WHA Round Up: A CARPHA Perspective - This year, 2013, marked CARPHA’s debut at the World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva. The Assembly was attended by our own Executive Director, Dr. C. James Hospedales, along with nine (9) Caribbean countries, the CARICOM Secretariat, and the Director of PAHO/WHO. Read more

CARPHA Strengthens Relations with Neighbouring Community Making Caribbean Public Health Information Accessible - The revitalization of the MEDCARIB database was the focus of the five-day workshop held at the PAHO office in Barbados, May 6-10, 2013. This is a critical resource for the Region as the database contains health science and medical research information specifically pertaining to the Caribbean. Authors are from the English-speaking Caribbean and the database is a valuable source for researchers, policy makers and students. Read more

Real World Training: The FELTP Way - Just as surgeons are trained in the operating theatre, an epidemiologist has to be trained in the field; perhaps in the investigation of an outbreak in the community or in establishing a new health monitory system following a disaster. Read more

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