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HCC Featured - Victoria Anderson Gray - Cayman Islands Cancer Society - Project Manager

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Victoria Anderson Gray - Cayman Islands Cancer Society – Project Coordinator

NAME - Victoria Anderson Gray

NGO - Cayman Islands Cancer Society – Project Coordinator

WHAT DO YOU DO AT YOUR ORG? I am responsible for the society’s public education programs, including but certainly not limited to, organization of special events, awareness campaigns, health fairs, partnering with various groups, delivering presentations to businesses, schools and other organizations, writing and researching cancer awareness articles for submission to the press. (Helping ladies to set up flyers on their trucks he he)

COOLEST THING YOUR NGO HAS DONE IN THE LAST YEAR? We’ve gone hi-tech in the last few months. Facebook is up and running, our webpage was redesigned, we’re now tweeting and we have the e-petition going (we were cool before but now we are SUPER cool)

WHY IS YOUR ORG A MEMBER OF THE HCC? Because we wanted to reach out to other Caribbean charity workers so that we can make a change. We want to help people throughout the entire Caribbean.

WHAT HAVE BEEN THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP?/WHAT DOES BEING PART OF HCC MEAN TO ME? We can work together to share ideas (such as the PSA). It’s not a one man show to get things done, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Teamwork!!!! (Together Everyone Achieves More couldn’t be any truer)

FUN FACT ABOUT VICKI: I love to make people laugh and always wished I could perform on stage (drama/singing).

WHY ARE NCDS SO IMPORTANT TO YOU? These diseases have enormous effects on individuals, families, communities and the country. The majority of these diseases are preventable and as the person responsible for public education I am willing to take every step, use every opportunity to bring awareness to the community.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU THINK IS INTERESTING? I love interior decorating and also love to cook.

Cayman Islands Cancer SocietyVisit the Cayman Islands Cancer Society website www.cics.ky/