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HCC Featured - Cayman Islands Cancer Society - Eating, sleeping & dreaming the Caribbean Cervical Cancer E-Petition

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Cayman Islands Cancer Society - Eating, sleeping & dreaming the Caribbean Cervical Cancer E-Petition:

Dr. Sook Yin, Medical Director of the CICS, and her amazing and dynamic team led by Victoria Anderson, Project Coordinator, are going 'gaga for cervical cancer awareness'.

'We are truly excited about our numbers but are more excited that the overall numbers are growing.

When we launched here in Cayman, it was going a bit slow so we picked it up a bit' stated Victoria, and now their numbers are at 700 in the space two weeks!

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See below some of the strategies they have used in achieving this tremendous success:

  • On August 7th, members of the Ministry of Health signed the petition including the former Governor, Gov. Duncan Taylor, and the executives of our Health Services Authority
  • numerous talk shows and did a television segment
  • Mass emails to all contacts (volunteers, members, survivors), added extra link for sign up and promoted on twitter
  • Added the flyer to our local online classifieds – Ecay trade
  • Presentations to various organisations/schools/community groups / Community outreach obtaining manual signatures and disseminating cervical cancer and HPV vaccine information: supermarkets, farmer's market etc.
  • Tapping into our Caribbean diaspora in various ‘international’ countries
  • Gaining support of national celebrities: Miss Cayman, Lindsey Japal pledged her support for cervical cancer and signed the petition • Building on existing initiatives: Free Pap Voucher Programme, obtaining signatures from women in this programme.
  • Innovation Alert!: CICS Outreach Volunteer in the ‘Free pap voucher’ Programme is a farmer who sells at a farmer’s market. She puts the petition poster on her truck, asks her customers to sign and hands out informational brochures on cervical cancer and HPV.

Here is some of the media coverage used to promote the e-petition

The teams led by Yulit Gordon of the Jamaica Cancer Society and Laura Tucker Longsworth of the Belize Cancer Society have employed similar strategies to secure almost 1000 signatures in each of their countries!

It is often difficult to 'capture' the impact of capacity building workshops, and to really ascertain whether or not skills were gained and moreover if they were applied. These Cancer Caribbean Cancer Societies participated in an HCC-led Advocacy Capacity Building workshop in March 2013 and they have truly demonstrated an appreciation of the value of civil society led advocacy and the ability to translate this to ADVOCACY IN ACTION.

The CICS has alot more going on. They are currently playing an active role in getting their Cancer Registry of the ground, the new Cancer Registrar begins in early September. They are also preparing for their annual 'Conquering Cancer 3 Health Fair' which will be attended by 6 international hospitals who will showcase their Centres Cancer treatment services. CICS is also partnering with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prison to host a workshop to train antismoking facilitators. A component of this initiative will also include outreach to school children to educate them on tobacco addiction and its health effects. Dr. Glover, a world renowned addiction specialist has been invited to lead these workshops and do media and presentations to schools. This will happen end of October.

Cayman Islands Cancer SocietyVisit the Cayman Islands Cancer Society website www.cics.ky/